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w00t.I found a Jott fanclub..Yes,Jott it's like Bennifer,except with Jean and Scotts' names XD Though,being a very large obsesser of Emma Frost,I still have time to criticize that Marvel haas indeed spilt up the "It" couple..Oh,and sorry for my hyperness;I've have just gotten done drinking Moutain Dew so I'm pretty much a psycho..Which of course,I always am O.o; But still,forgive me..Oh,and I daresay I'm just been dying to ask this question..You know in New X-Men I forgot which number,but was that really Jean in the Black Queen costume,and if so,Why was she in it? Right now,as
I currently sew this damn cape for the Emma Frost costume I've been making for three months I choose to ask this question..Which,why was Jean also in the Dark Phoenix costume in Astonishing X-Men #5?Oh,and why in the issue that comes in January.Jean Dark Phoenix?..Yes,I have an obsession with Dark Phoenix,and Emma Frost o_o; So many questions,Sincerly;Your newest member who likes to imagine Professer Xavier on drugs popping wheelies on his wheelchair in his office and has 141 obsessions Reed. o_O;
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